December 8, 2008

Death of The Christmas Tree

Every year during the holiday season thousands, upon thousands of innocent evergreens are merclessly chopped down, and shipped to tree lots all across the country. They are then forced to stand in neat little rows as life slowly drains from their branches. So that you, the holiday shopper can select your tree amongst bright christmas lights and cheerful holiday music. But sadly the horror doesn't stop there.
The happy shopper having finally selected their tree, then carelessly hoists it up onto the roof of the car, only then to crudely tie the tree down, so as to prevent escape. The poor helpless tree has to then endure a rough, windy ride. Staring all the while at the blue sky it will never live to see again.
Upon arrival at your home the ritualistic torture of this once majestic tree only continues. The poor little tree is then stuffed into a tree stand, where sharp screws are then twisted into it's fresh tender trunk. Reminisant of some medieval torturer's device. The tree is then given just enough water to guarantee it remains barely alive for the holidays festivities.
It's strong once sheltering branches are hacked away, trimmed to satisfy your need for a trangular uniform appearance. Now the festive holiday family further humilate the slowly dying tree, by decorating it with strings of bright holiday lights, tinsel and ornaments. Perhaps to hide the little tree's sadness. To which everyone then gathers round the tree "oohing" and "awing" at how beautiful the tree now looks. Oh how much you just love and admire the decorated little tree as it now stands there all aglow!
We forget as presents are piled underneath it's branches, that this was once a thriving, growing healthy tree. Which not only housed many of nature's creatures, but also gave us all life sustaining oxygen.
And every year it never fails to surprise me that as we proclaim the season to be of love, compassion and giving. We at the same time contribute to the unneccesary killing of thousands of life giving helpless trees. Only to toss them out after the festivities are over.The once adorned and adored holiday tree now blowing around in the streets and curbsides with reminants of tinsel still hanging from their now dead little branches, like Christmas corpses year after year. No longer will the tree be a haven for wildlife. No longer will it give us our precious oxygen,shade nor shelter or the sweet smell of pine.
Perhaps if we must celebrate with a tree and all the decorations. We could use an artifical tree instead? Leaving the sweet little trees to keep on living? Artifical trees are very elaborate now, often looking more uniform and full than their natural counterparts. As well as the money saved, as you need only purchase this kind of tree once, for years and years of enjoyment. While at the same time doing your part to protect the environment as well. Maybe then the death of the Christmas tree will be a thing of the past.........