October 27, 2008

Well here I am.

Today I finally took the leap. I signed up and created my first blogy thing..hmm did I mention I am new to this? I realize I have so much to learn about blogging, decorating my page, and my blogs..I hope whomever reads this will be patient with me, and maybe enjoy taking these first baby steps with me? You get the oppurtunity to be with me right from the very beginning..Now doesn't that sound like fun?? I would love and deeply appriciate any tips you could share, and sure would love some blogger friends here..It seems a bit lonely here at the moment..kinda like "Hello anyone there?" echo echo echo..LOL I hope to share my art journey here, any wonderful art techniques or tips I may have to share, my art work and art journals, as well as encourage and support others in there art paths too. And to be honest occasional rantings or venting as well..sorry. I will try to keep that to a minimum. But no promises. ha. Well thats all for now...Blessings..Kelley


Walk in the Woods said...

Welcome syster-woman, to the land of blog! :)

artlover said...

Hi Kelly!
I've added you to.
Isn't it fun!


artistikitty said...

Hi Kelley. I'll be following you along and cheering you on with your new endeavor. Good for you in taking "the leap" here. Much luck and luv. <3

Kelley said...

Awww thanks Goddesses I couldn't ask for a better bunch of women friends..I am so very blessed to have you gals in my life...much love..

ArteDar said...

Hey there missy goddess....ya did it!!! Yippieeeeeeee! Don't get discouraged if it does seem to get quite here.....and it is YOUR journal.....you say what ever you want. It takes time to learn this stuff and I'm still learning myself...so I'm sorry if I can't be much help....I just click away and read all the time to learn.
Hugs and Blessings sweetie.

Craft Junkie said...

Hello there my sister Goddess. Are you finding your way around blogger land okay? Nice start you've got here...and if you need any help, just say the word. *muah*
Peace & Love,

Verlene Brooks.com said...

Hi Kelley welcome to blog land. I deleted mine... I was chicken being all alone. *LOL* Now that I know the ning girls maybe I will try it again. Don't we have a great group of friends now!! I Love it! Wow I love your poetry...very moving! You are so talented my dear. I'm a poet too...I used to write some really dark stuff when I was depressed. Glad that part of my life is over! whew! - verlene

Clevelandgirlie said...

very insightful.
very introspective.
very endearing.
very appreciated.

I loved them all.