March 29, 2009

Making art just makes me happy...

Here are two peices I did recently. The first one, the sun, is done with modeling paste and acrylics on a 16 inch round canvas. The second one is a drawing I did with colored pencils. Now that I have some more free time, I've also been busy drawing and sketching ideas for some new paintings.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear from you....and yes, your blog page is beautiful....but....not nearly as beautiful as your new grand-baby!!!! Hug and give kisses and squeezes and more love to him for me too.
I adore your latest art moon....fabulous!
What else do you have planed or dream about making? I lie in the bed and dream and plan what I want to make....daydreaming is the best part of a nice start on a project. Sometimes I get exactly what I see and then sometimes the whole plan goes a different direction. I'm happy to be one of your art friends...truely.
I subscribe. to your blog and will keep an eager eye to see and read more.
Peace and Love, Dar ox

purplecat said...

Kelly, thanks for following my blog!
I see we are the same age and yet you are a grandma! Wow congratulations!(hopefully I have a few years yet, eldest is at uni)
Love the sun done with paste, great job
Hugs Karen x

Verlene Brooks said...

Oh my gosh Kelley! I love everything new...your background, your sun, your grandbaby! Everything looks wonderful!!! Now you have to tell me how you did your background! I'm lost! - verlene