April 30, 2009

My Summer Wish to Do List.....

My Summer Wish to do List

1) Spend as much time as possible outdoors. I am hoping to put up a nice screen house in my back yard. Fill it with comfy lounge chairs, a table, some pretty lights, pots of flowers etc. A little outdoor haven for relaxing and making art.
2) Complete 6 full paintings. I figure if I can do 2 a month that would cover June, July, and August.
3) Go fishing at least twice!! I love going fishing. I find it very relaxing and fun. And I always catch and release.
4) Spend as much time as possible at the beach!! My favorite time to go to the beach is late in the day any time after 4pm. I love spending the last few hours before the sun sets just chilling by the sea. Tho night time on the beach is beautiful too. Just laying on the warm sand gazing up at the starry sky, listening to the waves crash along the shore..ahhh heavan.
5) Get my surgeries done so I can relax and recuperate in the summer sunshine.
6) Visit my brother in Maine..yes Tom I know you read this..and now it's in writing.. I am hoping to plan a visit up north this summer. AFTER black fly season ends of course..LOL
7) Have one neighborhood water balloon and squirt gun fight!! I will be buying a nice huge super-soaker power gun..heehee.
8) Eat lots of my favorite summer time foods..ice cream, steamers, corn on the cob, hotdogs, potato salad, fresh cherries and strawberries, etc.
9) Pick one good fiction novel and read it over the summer. I haven't read just fiction in quite a while. Been so hooked on artsy how-to books. Any summer reading suggestions would be greatly appriciated!!
10) Watch less TV!!
11) Start and complete one art assemblage peice..hmmm maybe something with a summer theme?
12) Get on a better sleep schedule and Stay on it!! Now that's gonna be tough for a night owl like myself..hoping the warm sunshine and ocean breezes will help motivate me more.
13) Decorate my yard with art! Maybe paint my window boxes, hang some pretty painted mixed media birdhouses, make my own windchimes. oooh ideas, ideas!! Anyone know what kind of paint works well on plastic window boxes? Acrylic?
14) Take lots of pictures and videos to share with my amazing, wonderful online art friends!! I so love you gals!!
15) Go to the 4th of July parade and fireworks ( even tho I dislike crowds I intend to not let that stop me this year!!)
16) Have a yard sale! I have plenty of stuff that no longer serves me. Less is truly more!! Simplify, Simplify!!
17) Be Brave and show my art work..thinking I might participate in the Rockport Arts Festival this year! ?
18) Let go and sell some of my art work. Sigh. I need to learn to release it out into the world! To not become so attached to each peice..
19) Do a summer art journal..
20) Open up my new sewing machine and *cough* attempt to learn how to sew..
Well thats the list..Let's see if I can accomplish it all?? What are your plans for summer? Do you have a summer wish to do list too? Please share your lists with me, and any suggestions or ideas would be great too! Lets all have a fun summer full of art and sunshine!!