July 25, 2009

Important update

Just wanted to say that I am sorry I haven't been posting or around much the last few weeks. My mother passed away recently, after a long illness, and it's been a difficult time for me. It is a strange and difficult road, the grieving process. The sadness, the tears, the memories that flood you, at times when you least expect it. And even moments of acceptance and peace that stir in the midst of this emotional roller coaster. I am only now slowly beginning to feel like joining the world again. And to be honest even that feeling changes from day to day, moment to moment. So I am doing the only thing I can do, and that is take it one day, one hour at a time. To allow myself to grieve, to remember, to cry and to miss so deeply the woman I was so blessed to call my mother.
I am beginning to work on some art projects that express how I feel and to also honor her memory. I am hoping to figure out and organize in the near future an art auction to benefit Alzhiemer's research, as this disease steals precious time and memories from so many loved ones. If anyone has any information on how to go about setting up an online art auction for a charity. I would greatly appreciate any help or information you could offer, as I've never done anything like this before. It would mean alot to me to honor her memory in this way and to also help with finding a cure so that other's may be spared from the effects of such a devasting disease. Thank you...