September 25, 2009


Well folks it's here. Please tune in Saturday night, September 26th. at 11pm. est. For my first official show. My guest will be my dear artsy friend Lynda! Listen in as we talk about art, creativity, life and everything in between. Feel free to call in with questions or just to join in the fun. Also I am still in the process of booking future guest spots. So if your interested please don't be shy, contact me and we can chat about you and your wonderful artsy goodness being on a future segment.


trish said...

can't wait to listen! Hope I don't forget;)

pinkglitterfae said...

I'll be listening :-)
I will be up painting by then (I hope) and would love to hear art talk, or anything else you choose..
yay Kelley!

Rhomany said...

Just found your radio show Kelley, really enjoying it :)