December 22, 2010

President Obama Signs Law Repealing "Don't Ask Don't Tell" - 12/22/10

Bravo Obama!

It's about time! And I know that sadly there will be some backlash because of this..and even more sadly I fear some homosexual people will suffer from that backlash..But now no longer will a person who is willing to serve this country, fight for this country, and even DIE for this country, be turned away simply because of their personal sexual orientation! Nor will they have to hide and worry that if  'found out' they will then be kicked out of the military,stripped of medals and benefits, regardless of how many years of service or sacrifices they have made for OUR FREEDOM! For me personally this is not about gay rights, it's about EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL! And I don't have to be homosexual to know in my heart that equal rights is the RIGHT THING. So BRAVO Obama for taking another step towards equal rights for all...