November 6, 2009

Life without speaking...

As some of you may already know I need to go in for surgery soon. And the recovery time will be a couple of months. At first I was really bummed out to have to do this, but I've decided to look at things from a different and hopefully more positive perspective. Like most women and mom's, I have always tended towards putting myself last on the priority list. I've neglected my own needs and my health for a while now. So this will actually be a good thing. A chance to focus on my life, my health, my art, my goals, etc. And this surgery will clear up some health issues, and pain that I've been dealing with for quite some time. So instead of being bummed out, or even freaked out. I am going to use this time to heal, recover, and nurture myself. I will spend my winter snuggling in and relaxing, recovering, re-evaluating my life, and also focusing more on my art. So that when spring arrives I will be healthier, stronger, more focused and energetic. Kind of like a butterfly..I will nestle into my little cocoon, do the work I need too, and emerge with new wings and brighter color, ready to fly. I have sooo many ideas and art projects inside my head just waiting for a chance to be born, and this will be the perfect time to really focus on making them a reality. I also plan on spending my healing winter days learning to knit, take and edit video, learning to use my new sewing machine, and hopefully make some cool things..I also plan to blog a lot more, seeing as part of the recovery process restricts me from speaking at all at first and then only on a limited basis until I have healed more..which should be interesting to say the least..but again instead of freaking out about it, I've decided to use it as a means to express myself in other non-verbal ways, such as art and stay tuned for future updates on my surgery and recovery adventure and life without speaking...

September 25, 2009


Well folks it's here. Please tune in Saturday night, September 26th. at 11pm. est. For my first official show. My guest will be my dear artsy friend Lynda! Listen in as we talk about art, creativity, life and everything in between. Feel free to call in with questions or just to join in the fun. Also I am still in the process of booking future guest spots. So if your interested please don't be shy, contact me and we can chat about you and your wonderful artsy goodness being on a future segment.

September 23, 2009

Great Happenings!

Well folks it's finally here. The launching of my own radio show! Yup can you imagine? Me? Let loose over the air waves! Muahahaha! I am so looking forward to doing this, and I so hope you all join in for a listen. I hope to have some special guest co-hosts on as well. It will be such fun to have a place to chat about art, creativity, life, challenges, inspirations, and everything in between. A place to connect and a place to be heard as well. I am in the process of compiling a list of future guest spots so please don't be shy, send me a message if you'd like to appear on a future episode, or call in to the show too! I want this to be for all of us!! I will be posting the official annoucement with show time and date within the next day or so, so please stay tuned for further info! And thank you all so very much for your support and friendship. It means the world to are all such shinning stars! Shine On Sista's! xoxo~~~Kelley

July 25, 2009

Important update

Just wanted to say that I am sorry I haven't been posting or around much the last few weeks. My mother passed away recently, after a long illness, and it's been a difficult time for me. It is a strange and difficult road, the grieving process. The sadness, the tears, the memories that flood you, at times when you least expect it. And even moments of acceptance and peace that stir in the midst of this emotional roller coaster. I am only now slowly beginning to feel like joining the world again. And to be honest even that feeling changes from day to day, moment to moment. So I am doing the only thing I can do, and that is take it one day, one hour at a time. To allow myself to grieve, to remember, to cry and to miss so deeply the woman I was so blessed to call my mother.
I am beginning to work on some art projects that express how I feel and to also honor her memory. I am hoping to figure out and organize in the near future an art auction to benefit Alzhiemer's research, as this disease steals precious time and memories from so many loved ones. If anyone has any information on how to go about setting up an online art auction for a charity. I would greatly appreciate any help or information you could offer, as I've never done anything like this before. It would mean alot to me to honor her memory in this way and to also help with finding a cure so that other's may be spared from the effects of such a devasting disease. Thank you...

June 16, 2009

Wreck This Journal!!

Well I just signed up for wreck this journal at

this is going to be loads of fun, and a bit scary at times too. Imagine wreaking a journal, defacing a book, destroying it! It is sure going to be an adventure. I hope you will all go and sign up too! Already there are I'd guess over a hundred folks doing the project too.. Well I ran out to Barnes and Noble tonight and bought my Wreck This Journal book by Keri Smith. It was only 12.95 too. And I am sure I may have found it online for even cheaper but I didn't want to wait for the mailman to deliver it. I wanted to get started as soon as possible. But sadly it is now very late and so I am going to start my first assignments tomorrow morning. I will be posting a blog each week on my progress, complete with photos, and maybe even some videos too! I hope you go sign up and join in the fun too. Stay tuned for more updates..

June 5, 2009

A great giveaway!!

hey ladies there is a fantastic giveaway up for grabs..check out this awesome blog and while your there don't forget to sign up for the great bird lover's giveaway too!!

Best of Luck to all who enter!! Kelley

May 25, 2009

In my little town..

Just a short little video of images from the small New England town I live in..

May 14, 2009

Cherokee Wisdom something we all need....

I have loved this story since my father told it to me as a child. And in light of the negativity online recently, I felt it a good time to share it. Some of you may have heard it before, even still it is a nice reminder.~~~Namaste~~~~~~~~~~~

An old Cherokee Indian was teaching his grandchildren about life. So he said to them,
"A battle is raging inside is a terrible fight between two wolves. One wolf is evil. He is full of hatred, anger, jealousy, fear, deceit, hostility, false pride, resentment, self-pity, superiority, and ego. The other wolf is good. He is full of love, compassion, empathy, joy, forgiveness, acceptance, kindness, generosity, and faith."
The old wise Indian fixed the children with a firm stare. "This same battle is going on inside of each of you, and in every human being." he said.
The children all sat there quietly for a time. And then one child asked his grandfather, "Oh grandfather which wolf will win?" The old wise Cherokee quietly replied. "The one you feed...."

May 7, 2009

Where is the love??

I have seen quite a bit of nastiness in our internet art world lately. Some are accusing others of copying their style (even tho to my eye it didn't appear to look the same at all.) And some are platently copying others work. Some are using other's to 'get ahead'. Some are overly pimping themselves or their sites to the point of being annoying.. Or pretending to be a friend just so you'll join or follow their site or blog, or whatever. Some are saying mean things to or about other artists. Some have forgotten the value of true friendship. Some have no clue what friendship really means. Some are all about the gossip and drama. Some are all about just themselves. The list goes on and on..and well it just makes me truly sad. What happened to encouraging and supporting each other? Not because ya want something but because it's the nice thing to do? What happened to courtesy and respect for another's bounderies, site, or art even? I am really starting to feel like I am back in high school lately. There are cliques and groups that judge, talk meanly, or push other's around or push them out. It wasn't like this in the beginning..Or maybe I just hadn't witnessed it yet? I am not sure. Maybe it's the economy that has everyone so afraid that it's bringing out the worst in some people? I really don't know. All I do know is that I came here into this online art world looking for other women artists I could make friends with. I came here hoping to find kindness, understanding, respect, support and encouragement. I came to hopefully find like minded people. I have seen nice chicks get walked all over or bullied. I have seen not so nice chicks pick on and gang up on another. I have seen a lot of hurt, fear, misunderstandings, and sadness too. Don't get me wrong I have also witnessed a lot of good too. And I have made some amazing and wonderful friendships as well. It just seems that lately there's been a bit more negativity going around..and it troubles me. It saddens me. This was once my place of refuge, my sacred santuary, my tribe of art sisters. I miss that!! I truly hope that this tide of negativity, competivness, drama, going to soon pass..In the mean time the only words of wisdom I can offer are : When you have the choice to either be right or be kind, always choose kind"....Blessings and love to all and may the warmth, and understanding return soon....Namaste

May 1, 2009

A great giveaway!!

Just wanted to pass along a great giveaway to my wonderful and supportive follower friends!! Just visit
Check out Deb's blog it's wonderful, and the giveaway is in celebration of her 100th post!! So show some love and stop by to congratulate her and leave a comment for a chance to win!!

April 30, 2009

My Summer Wish to Do List.....

My Summer Wish to do List

1) Spend as much time as possible outdoors. I am hoping to put up a nice screen house in my back yard. Fill it with comfy lounge chairs, a table, some pretty lights, pots of flowers etc. A little outdoor haven for relaxing and making art.
2) Complete 6 full paintings. I figure if I can do 2 a month that would cover June, July, and August.
3) Go fishing at least twice!! I love going fishing. I find it very relaxing and fun. And I always catch and release.
4) Spend as much time as possible at the beach!! My favorite time to go to the beach is late in the day any time after 4pm. I love spending the last few hours before the sun sets just chilling by the sea. Tho night time on the beach is beautiful too. Just laying on the warm sand gazing up at the starry sky, listening to the waves crash along the shore..ahhh heavan.
5) Get my surgeries done so I can relax and recuperate in the summer sunshine.
6) Visit my brother in Maine..yes Tom I know you read this..and now it's in writing.. I am hoping to plan a visit up north this summer. AFTER black fly season ends of course..LOL
7) Have one neighborhood water balloon and squirt gun fight!! I will be buying a nice huge super-soaker power gun..heehee.
8) Eat lots of my favorite summer time cream, steamers, corn on the cob, hotdogs, potato salad, fresh cherries and strawberries, etc.
9) Pick one good fiction novel and read it over the summer. I haven't read just fiction in quite a while. Been so hooked on artsy how-to books. Any summer reading suggestions would be greatly appriciated!!
10) Watch less TV!!
11) Start and complete one art assemblage peice..hmmm maybe something with a summer theme?
12) Get on a better sleep schedule and Stay on it!! Now that's gonna be tough for a night owl like myself..hoping the warm sunshine and ocean breezes will help motivate me more.
13) Decorate my yard with art! Maybe paint my window boxes, hang some pretty painted mixed media birdhouses, make my own windchimes. oooh ideas, ideas!! Anyone know what kind of paint works well on plastic window boxes? Acrylic?
14) Take lots of pictures and videos to share with my amazing, wonderful online art friends!! I so love you gals!!
15) Go to the 4th of July parade and fireworks ( even tho I dislike crowds I intend to not let that stop me this year!!)
16) Have a yard sale! I have plenty of stuff that no longer serves me. Less is truly more!! Simplify, Simplify!!
17) Be Brave and show my art work..thinking I might participate in the Rockport Arts Festival this year! ?
18) Let go and sell some of my art work. Sigh. I need to learn to release it out into the world! To not become so attached to each peice..
19) Do a summer art journal..
20) Open up my new sewing machine and *cough* attempt to learn how to sew..
Well thats the list..Let's see if I can accomplish it all?? What are your plans for summer? Do you have a summer wish to do list too? Please share your lists with me, and any suggestions or ideas would be great too! Lets all have a fun summer full of art and sunshine!!

March 29, 2009

Making art just makes me happy...

Here are two peices I did recently. The first one, the sun, is done with modeling paste and acrylics on a 16 inch round canvas. The second one is a drawing I did with colored pencils. Now that I have some more free time, I've also been busy drawing and sketching ideas for some new paintings.

March 22, 2009

The long awaited update

I am back!!! After being very distracted and way too busy. I am now back to focusing on my blog. Thank you all for hanging in there during my blogging absence. I will even be posting some video blogs on here soon too! As well as some cool pics on my recent art projects as well. So to kick this back into gear I am posting a very cute video that my daughter Hilary and her friend did recently for Suziblu. If ya haven't seen it already on Suzi's site, I hope you will take a moment to check it out. They did such a good job..enjoy..and stay tuned for more posts coming soon!!!