November 20, 2008

Art Supply Junkie LoVe

Okay I posted a blog about this in Suzi land but thought I should post one here too.
I am that excited about my new art supplies, that I must share these wonderful goodies with all of you too. I finally got my packages today from Jerry's Artarama..And OMG do I love my new inktense watercolor pencils!! They are just amazing! They work just like regular watercolor pencils, but when you add some water, like a wash to them, once it dries..they become permanent!! YUP! You can add layer after layer and not worry about bleeding or smearing at all!! This is just great for art journaling and mixed media collage too. You can add wet glue on top and no smearing!! I love em !! And I got a great price too!! 24 set with a free little journal just 19.99.. Best price around..I checked..LOL
Also I got a tabletop easel..since my daughter moved home and took my art room away..I've had limited art space again..And my larger studio size easel is just too big to fit into my art space corner of my bedroom..So I really needed something smaller to work with. I got this Trio tabletop easel that works great! It is lightweight, not too big..fits on a desk or even a tv table. But it is made of nice smooth elmwood and the top holder rises up and holds canvases or birch wood up to 25 inches high..Having some birch peices here that are the larger size Suzi uses 12x24 this little easel does the trick..It was also 19.99 but there is a coupon on Jerry's main page for 10% I got it for 17.99 instead..LOve it..I figured I would share these great finds with all of you..In case you need a smaller easel due to limited work space, or you would love some watercolor pencils that don't run or bleed.I am now hoping and wishing that Santa will bring me the 72 set of inktense pencils for Xmass..yay..


Barb - aka Craft Junkie said...

And you know how I am so coveting your Inktense watercolor pencils, dontcha? LOL
Peace & Love,

Deb G said...

hahaha..I love your "you might be an artist if"...I love it!!! I have bought someof the inktense pencils..but WOW you got them at a good price!!!I only got 12 for 25.00!!!I love your table top easel.. i think ill be needing one of those, too..LOL.
I love your way of thinking Kelley!!! Hope your day is fabulous..and glad you love my Ace post..hes the best for a cheap giggle!!!

artlover said...

Congrats! on your inktense.
I bought some last year, and there