November 11, 2008

You Just Might Be an Artist..if..

1) If you get excited to have a 40% off coupon for Micheal's ?
Then you might just be an artist..
2) If for Valentine's Day when other women are hoping for flowers and jewelery,but your hoping for watercolor pencils,paints and brushes?
Then you might just be an artist..
3) If your idea of a good manicure is getting the ink or paint stains off your fingers?
Then you might just be an artist..
4) If you forget to even turn on your t.v most of the time, let alone keep up with the latest shows, because your too busy working on some new project?
Then you might just be an artist..
5) If you have seriously contemplated spending your grocery money for art supplies, or actually have done this?
Then you might just be an artist..
6) If the only people who actually 'get you' are others who are just as obsessed with creating too?
Then you might just be an artist..
7) If when you imagine your dream house, instead of the first thing being a nice yard or pool out back, you instead immediately imagine a studio space for yourself?
Then you might just be an artist..
8) If you have been known to get so involved in your latest work that you tend to lose all track of time?
Then you might just be an artist..
9) If the smell of paint is one of your favorite smells?
Then you might just be an artist..
10) If you continue to create your art, despite negative looks or remarks from people in your life?
Yup you guessed it. Then you might just be an artist..

I hope you always keep on creating!! Feel free to add to this list..lets see if we can think up some more tell-tale signs of this condition called artist-itis..LOL
Hope everyone has a wonderful and creative week...xo


Connie said...

I love it!!! Each one is so me!! Thanks for sharing!

Peace & Love.

Craft Junkie said...

OMG...every one of those fits me!!!

How about...If you actually BOUGHT a house because it had the perfect room for a studio for your creative might be an artist. (Yep, we actually did that!)

If you've ever maxed out your credit card at the art supply might be an artist! (lol)

If your artwork is on the front of the fridge instead of your kids might be an artist.

How about those? Oh, and I've cut back on groceries just to afford more that bad of me? LMAO

Peace & Love,

Artiste Nouveau said...

haha--so perfect! I love every item on this list and, after reading it, it's clear that I am an artist ;)

Kelley said...

Yes lovely ladies you are an artist!! Say it loudly and proudly!!
We art chicks ROCK!!

Krissi said...

Right on, sister! LOL! My husband and I are actually considering a house with a guest casita so that my stuff won't spread from my studio into the other rooms (well, not easily).