November 2, 2008

Poetry time pt. 2

Okay here are some more of my poems..tho some of them are a bit on the depressive side..We can't be sunshine and roses all the time..Or can we??

30 Minutes
till the pain-killer,
kicks in.
In 30 minutes,
I'll feel the numbness,
setting in.
30 minutes,
I am counting it down.
30 minutes,
feels like eternity right now.
30 minutes,
Gawd, I need some relief!
In 30 minutes,
I can drown out my grief.
30 minutes,
hurry I pray!
Can't take this much longer,
make this pain go away.
30 minutes,
can be such a long time away...


When I am well,
I will not walk.
Instead I will run!
I will not sit inside,
this room no more,
hidden from the sun.

When I am well,
I will not falter.
Nor give in to my tears.
I will face each day,
with new-found faith,
cast away my fears.

When I am well,
I will sing songs loudly.
I will laugh even more.
I will join the children playing,
and dance along the shore.

When I am well,
I will speak more gently,
be kinder to myself.
I will gather up the courage,
to take my dreams,
down off the shelf.
When I am well...


artistikitty said...

Although I don't know the details, I know that you are facing some further surgery and are still faced with physical challenges. I am glad that you are not waiting to "take my (your) creative dreams down off the shelf". I see you walking down that path now, YES? You are an inspiration to many. Hoping that your coming surgery puts you closer to that "wellness" that you seek. xo

nanakin1 said...

Sending you strength and support for your upcoming surgery. Let us know how you are :)
Healing Hugs,

Michele said...

Thanks for the response you left me on my blog. I did not know of your hardships until now and I am truly sorry. But I am so proud that someone like yourself could be so strong and inspirational to those of us who just need a kick in the pants sometimes, to get out there and live your dreams! I remember when you started blogging, I told you, you would love it! Well do ya lol and I love your witty blog about Your an artist If list, really cool. We are way too fabulous not to be surrounded by friends. I see a similarity in our stories that when times get tough, the friends get going..... How sad for them totally their loss, we are probably better off without the extra baggage lol I am so glad to meet you Kelly, and now you have one more buddy :)Your poetry is really beautiful as well All the best to you, Michele