November 2, 2008

Poetry Time

I thought I would share a few poems that I've written..enjoy..

I am a hidden landscape,
you can not see.
Behind my eyes,
lies mysteries.
I am Joy.
I am Sorrow.
I am my yesterdays,
I am young.
I am old.
I am a story,
that still unfolds.
I am as limitless,
as eternal space.
Far more,
than just this pretty face.
I am as deep,
as the bottomless ocean.
Made of,
spirit and flesh.
A cosmic potion.
I am Me...

The Trees and I

The leaves fall like tears,
Abandoned hopes and unanswered prayers.
Like lost dreams that drift afar,
both the leaves and me,
are worn, scarred.
The trees sigh.
A sad goodbye.
The leaves now gone.
Silently we cry,
the trees and I...


The deep cold darkness,
wraps around me,
like a cloak of despair.
Frozen silence,
fills the air.
Sweet song birds,
no longer sing here.
Sun shines cold and pale,
against the gray.
All the green,
has died away.
Naked trees,
stand bare, alone.
I feel their frozen sadness,
deep in my bones.
Winter has come.
Winter has come home...